Bulgakov Moscow-bus tour

Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov – is one of the most mystic and at the same time documentary writer of the 20th century. Everything in his work has the foundation and the prototype. And if something happens in life it immediately appears in his work, and if something happens in his works, so it mystically turns in life. With the documentary accuracy we can walk not only around Bulgakov’s
Moscow, but around the real world of his characters.

We will find ourselves near the music hall, in which the Chernovtsy according to the legend and today disappear. We will visit that “not good flat” (Bolshaya Sadovaya st. 302-bis), in which that famous gang was living on the arrival to Moscow, and where Bulgakov himself spent several years.

We will go to the Patriarshy Ponds (real Master and Margarita were walking around them) and will know why Bulgakov had chosen that place for the first Voland’s appearance in Moscow.

Also on our way we will meet several prototypes of Margarita’s mansion, and see Maksim Gorky’s -the USSR writers’ unit president – house.

We will see the last earth shelter of Gogol N.V., who became Bulgakov’s literature maestro. We will see the real Griboedov’s and pass literature department restaurant, and also the famous Master’s basement, to which Margarita came to see her lover.

Photos of the tour: