Dedication to the Muscovites – bus tour

Description of the route dedication to Moskovites

The tour will start a story, a legend of the founding of Moscow (finally, you will learn how it was).

You will also learn:

  • What the Kremlin towers are notable for, each with its own history and different from all by the appearance;
  • Where was the ancient wall of China-town and why did it has this name;
  • How was Moscow built and grew
  • How did the Boulevard and the Garden Ring appear;
  • Where was towering earthen wall and what happened to him.

In The convenient bus we will drive along the embankments of the Moscow River, past the bridges, monuments and churches. Find ourselves on the Sparrow Hills and Poklonnaya Hill, Christ the Savior Cathedral.

Dear guest, you   will not be bored – because the guides themselves will answer questions about Moscow.

Gallery Initiation into Muscovites: