Kitchen is an important part of any culture. But for the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom food is of particular importance, since the food culture underlies the millennial history of the Middle State, reflects the peculiarities of the mentality of the Chinese people.

Our advantage is that we offer authentic Chinese cuisine.
The chefs of our restaurant are ethnic Chinese, they are masters of their craft, so we can guarantee that during the preparation of dishes, all the canons of the Chinese culinary tradition are observed: from special cooking technology to the use of special dishes. The restaurant “Kirin” offers southern (Guangdong) and eastern (Zhejiang, Henan) cuisine.


In our restaurant you can order – traditional Chinese dishes: fish, meat, vegetable, soups, noodles and hogo. For cooking hogo, special tables are used, in their center there is an oven, on which a pot with broth or sauce is placed. Often pots are divided into two sectors, so that you can immediately prepare two different dishes, usually spicy and uneasy. Guests are served raw foods, which later become ingredients of the hoogo: meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu, noodles or pelmeni. Each visitor independently regulates the temperature of the dish, the time of preparation of the ingredients and the order of their lowering into the hot broth.


Come and enjoy the fine dishes of traditional Chinese cuisine, listen to Chinese music, discover something new, try to unravel the secret of the ancient culture! To all who would like to find the keys to the gate of the Celestial Empire, we advise starting with the culinary arts, which the restaurant “Kirin” will help to study!

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