The oldest Moscow monasteries – bus tour


The touristic route will introduce you with the rare and astonishing page of our wonderful city, the city with the great history, which has overcome so many captures and was hardly built and grown from century to century.  Thanks to the monasteries – guards, the building of which became the common idea of the Moscow rulers.

These monasteries are situated from south east to south west of Moscow, because Moscow was attacked by southern and western neighbors.

Novospassky and Simonov, Andronikov and Danilov, Donskoi and Sterensky – were built not only with the religious purposes but it was a good protection of the suburb people in horrible days of the attacks ad fires.

Radial ring system of all Moscow kingdom took its start just from the defensive line, held by the monasteries and extended beyond 60 miles to the Oka, called in those times “belt of the Virgin” (just on the site from falling into it Ugra and to Kolomna) and serves as a natural boundary, and further to the so-called “Zasechnaya line”, where signs, given by huge fire, came to the capital, warning about the enemies’ approach.

Novospasskiy later became the ancestral burial place of the Romanov Boyars, Simonov is directly linked with the names of monks-warriors Peresvet and Oslabya, Andronikov kept for us the name of Andrei Rublev, Danilov carries the memory of Daniel of Moscow, Don – part of the story of Fyodor Ivanovich, the last of Rurikovich Sretensky – played an active role in the election of Mikhail Fedorovich – the first tsar of the Romanov dynasty.

Behind the short route designation are the stunning pictures of the life of ancient Moscow, lost in that, which you’ll see from the unexpected side of the capital formation history.

Gallery oldest monasteries in Moscow: