Museum of the Ministry of Defense in Kubinka

Armoured vehicles of the Soviet, Russian and foreign production presented at the Museum of the Ministry of Defense, located in the suburban town of Kubinka. Central Museum of armored vehicles as part of the military-patriotic recreation park “Patriot”. This park is located next to the Kubinka and was created only recently, in 2015. It is planned that on the territory of this large complex will be presented and other equipment – aviation, artillery, and each branch will be presented in “The Patriot” your cluster.

Kubinka Tank Museum was founded in 1938 and was called the Museum of combat vehicles. Before its creation in the Kubinka tank has been ground, which were teaching and testing of military equipment. The first exhibits of the museum began to older models of tanks, standing under the open sky.

Then, when the museum decided to open to the public, it was started the construction of pavilions and boxes for cars. Also, the museum has been updated equipment. The opening of the museum took place on the Day of tanker in 1972, and this date (September 10) is considered to be the second day of the “birth” of the museum. Next renovation of the museum took place in 1989, when the collection has been updated, the procedure of the presentation technology and office building.

In the late 90-ies in the territory of the museum chapel was built in memory of the fallen soldiers-soldiers.

Currently, armored museum contains more than three hundred cars, among them there are those that have been produced in Europe, North America, China and Japan. There are heavy weapons fourteen states, including equipment, inherited the USSR as booty or contracts Lend-Lease. Some specimens can be seen only in Kubinka.

Soviet equipment represented heavy, medium and light tanks, self-propelled artillery, APCs and infantry fighting vehicles, armored and other equipment.

The museum’s collection covers a century of history of tank from the First World War era to the present day.

None of the existing museum in the world can boast an equally complete and unique collection of military armored vehicles.

You will see:

  • Cverhtyazhely tank “Maus”
  • Self-propelled mortar type “Karl” (Adam) One of the most powerful self-propelled guns of his period. Only seven copies were built,
  • Flying Tank T-80, which at high speed makes his famous jumps up to 18 meters in length,
  • Heavy Tank T-35 – the world’s only five-turret serial combat vehicle and symbol of power of the Soviet Union of the 30s,
  • The most powerful mass-produced Soviet tanks during World War II heavy tank “Joseph Stalin” -2 (EB-2) was a wartime one of the best tanks in the world,
  • The most elegant “cat” Wehrmacht – “Panther”
  • This legend tank world, the average tank T-34, has had a huge impact on the outcome of the war and the further development of the world tank building as a whole,
  • Lovers of «Worldoftanks» computer game to find joy in the museum their favorite “iron horses”.

Price: $ 170 – 1 person, $ 125 per person for groups of more than 5 people.

Duration: 5-6 hours

The price of the tour in the tank museum include:

  • excursion service;
  • guide services (Russian, Chinese);
  • entrance tickets to the tank museum;
  • transfers from Moscow and back by car or, minibus or bus.