Welcome to “White Kangaroo” – the largest contact zoo in Moscow.

In an adventure atmosphere in the style of “Alice in Wonderland” you can see, chat and feed more than seventy animals.

In our zoo, are all beloved domestic, as well as exotic animals and birds.

There are two expositions: “Zoo” and “Secret World”. In the “Secret World” exposition you can watch and feed animals from different corners of the planet leading a nocturnal lifestyle and therefore usually hidden from the person’s eyes. Also there are various reptiles and insects.

In our zoo is comfortable for both animals and people.

Also, if you are tired after the road, you can do a massage in our salon ELEMENT FAMILY SPA, which is located in the next room.

We are waiting for your visit!

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+7(499) 229-02-22

Single phone number. The call is free.